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Not long ago, user research and design thinking were what other people did, mainly specialists in the research world. Research was a slow and professional practice that only bigger firms might undertake so it certainly wasn’t on the radar for entrepreneurs to pursue.
That’s all changing now and it’s worth looking into. For example, innovators know that expectations for better services and personalized deliverables are on the rise. “How exactly will you help me?” is the chorus. Clients who could use what we’re offering want these specific needs met quickly, meaningfully and without being sold to. They also want to be heard and invited in to influence what gets created as well. In short, research is not about intermittent surveys to gather demographics on user “data”, but more about relationships and how to improve the worlds clients find themselves in.
Consequently, disciplines that zero in on what can be improved are starting to matter more. Learning to fail quickly and adapt to new circumstances and contexts is already on the horizon as a response to meeting these needs. It is even becoming a methodology for differentiation. And, by the way, design thinking is for everyone, not just visual or industrial designers.

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Introduction to Design Thinking

Attend 1/2 day session focused on how to identify the needs of your intended community, come up with insights, ideate possible solutions, sort through challenges, determine the best prototype, and create a way to test or pilot an offering..
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Pair Up for Projects: Design Thinking As a Together Sport

Attend gatherings put on the Pair Up for Projects Site [these will change each month]. The purpose will be to keep learning about design thinking concepts while you meet new people [and perhaps, temporarily partner with several] and have a lot of creative fun. You can find out more about this smorgasbord of projects here.  A Pre-requisite of the Design Thinking Intro Session Advised.
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Design Thinking & Connection Applied to Your Own Projects

Attend a 6-week online workshop, bookended by in-person meet-ups. Here, you will be able to work on your projects, in more depth, identifying and actionalizing design opportunities for meaningful connection. Note: This is likely to become a retreat in the future, an intensive on-site workshop instead. A Pre-requisite of the Design Thinking Intro Class Required.
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To sign up for these events, go to           .